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Design for your client. Not for your portfolio.

The most important thing to learn as a designer is how to design for your client and their needs, and not for your portfolio.
If you design for the needs of your client and solve their unique problems, the portfolio will take care of itself.
Instead of working in one defined style or latching onto the latest “cool” trend, a designer must approach each project with a fresh perspective, making each project great in its own right. The goal for every new project should be:
1. Solve the clients’ problems.
2. Make sure their brand is not put on the back burner because of a personal design choice. Doing great design is elevating a brand. 
3. Lastly, don’t accept that a brand is set in stone. Use your talents to elevate and evolve the clients brand. This can be tricky as it is important to keep the brand guides in check, but all brands do evolve and great designers evolve them. 

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