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Introducing Tofslie Inc. – The Creative Studio of Edwin Tofslie

As of next week I will be heading out on my own to start up my creative company for now called Tofslie Inc.  It will be a Creative Studio where I will be doing many aspects of direction, design, ideas and more. I will be taking on new clients, but already have the privilege of working with many great people including my friends at StatSheet.com. I primarily will work on my own yet work with many other freelancers who will allow me to take on projects that I would never be able to tackle by myself. I will continue to help out my current company with projects, but it is time for a change. Time to spend more time with family as my lovely girls Lacy and Ashley are growing up fast, work on health, and the flexibility will allow this.

I believe God has led me to this point over many years of working hard through the good and the bad. The past few months He has opened many doors to allow me to do this that I could not even dream would happen. It has been a difficult decision, but also exciting. Kelly my wife has been so supportive though the difficult decisions, and is behind me 110%. Thank you and love you. Also thank you for all my family and friends who have been in prayer and very supportive through everything.

I am already busy as can be setting up my transition and even though we do not know what tomorrow holds, as for now, we have each other, health, family, a bit (or a lot) of work and faith. Here we go…. :)

Feel free to check out more at http://www.tofslie.com and say hi.

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Apple Evolution Poster 2011

Here is my updated Apple Evolution Poster which is an overview of Steve Job’s legacy. RIP Steve.

It is a visual I created to show the evolution of most all Apple products created over the past 30+ years. This was created to show the evolution of the form factor and industrial design of the products, not to show every single model or upgrade Apple has launched.

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