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The New Gap Logo and my Re-branding of a Re-brand.

*update* Like a few of us figured and called out last night, it was a publicity stunt, or a backpedal. Heard from a friend that is at Gap that the logo was rolled out a couple months ago. Seems like a backpedal. Funny stuff.


Yes, this is the GAP logo. Even though their currently iconic logo is becoming outdated, this new brand face is one of the worst brand steps I have seen in many years.

I decided to take a stab at re-branding the re-brand.

It is Modern, yet Classic. Color references a hint of 1969 blue/black denim. Font is LOCATOR. I believe their blue color is holding them back and people will welcome this change. It will be more talked about then just changing the logo. You can imagine the black on black logo being matte and gloss working in conjunction.

I think it appeals to a wide variety of demographic, yet will still compliment their clothing athletic. Makes their brand feel a bit more high end yet still accessible at the same time (based on the style of clothing I have seen lately).

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