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My Growing Knife Collection

*Newest knives start at the top of this post.

The newest purchase actually started out as a gift for a friend who is an Army Ranger Special Forces. If he likes it after he receives it in the mail, it will be by his side in Iraq on his next mission. I was going to only get one, but I found it for half price and had to get myself one also of course. It is the CRKT Ultima 2017. It measures about a foot long total and comes with a very high quality flexible/customizable  sheath made for leg, hip, bag etc.


This tough looking knife is a dual blade beauty by CRKT again. It is a CRKT KISS Two-Timer.



My M21-14SF is a great knife but a bit too BEEFY to carry around as a pocket knife. It is more hunting knife size. Since I like it very much I decided to get a smaller version, but with a Tanto Blade. Here is the CRKT M16-10KZ.


This CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) M21-14SF is a beast. These are made for the field and made tough. It is a very nice larger flipper. CRKT knives is a local company here in Oregon and recently I have fallen in love with their products. Very solid knives for a decent price.


Next up is a Beautiful Hunting/Skinning knife I picked up in Montana. It is around a $300 dollar knife I finagled down to $90. It is a custom made antler knife made from India Stag and a very high quality Steel. The Sheath was made by a family friend in Montana to custom fit the knife. I wanted the Sheath to look simple and mountain manish. It came out great.



The Leatherman Skeletool is technically a multi-tool, but the design and features makes it part of my collection.

These 2 knives were given to me by a family friend who works for Buck Knives. She was very kind and they are solid knives.

First is a “Buck Folding Alpha Hunter”

Second is a nice Assisted Opening “Buck Sirus” Nice action and very easy to carry around.


This is the very classic Buck 119 Special hunting knife. I picked this up on ebay awhile back as my first usable hunting knife.


This is a “Schrade Walden” knife from the late 40′s given to me by my Grandpa. It has a broken guard as it is missing a leather stopper piece. I am going to leave this as it and case it.



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